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It's a jungle out there!

And a little slice of heaven in here!

This charming family owned-and-operated lodge, will get you discovering the magic of the Amazon Rainforest.


the amazon rainforest

It’s a jungle out there, and a little slice of heaven in here! Rio Azul Jungle Lodge, is located in the Serra do Cachimbò, in the extreme south of the Brazilian state of Pará, on the doorstep of the Amazon rainforest. This lush setting is where you’ll discover an ecological kaleidoscope, full of vibrant sights and sounds, home to a profusion of incredible flora and fauna, bird, fish and wildlife. 

This small family run, ecotourism lodge is an intimate affair. Each booking is private and personal, focusing exclusively on small groups and individuals to ensure that each guest’s stay leaves the smallest impact possible on the environment.

Everything done at this little jungle lodge is focused around this. From the lodge design and build to the forest trails, the focus has always been to ensure that from start to finish, the environment comes first.


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the amazon rainforest

An idyllic spot for bird lovers, the area is renowned for showing off some of the best birds in the world. From the colourful toucan to the majestic Harpy eagle, spend your days surrounded by a multi-coloured showcase of feathery friends. his truly is what Brazilian safari dreams are made of!

Why You’ll Love

rio azul jungle lodge


the lodge

Surrounded by water and rainforest, this little piece of Brazilian heaven is a soulful retreat. There are only 9 log cabins at Rio Azul Lodge, designed for comfort and each created to make the smallest possible impact on the environment. Sustainable construction materials have been used throughout the lodge, as well as the use of suitable waste management systems. 


bird watching

Rio Azul is a birders dream come true with over 500 species of birds and new species found every year. From the minute you arrive, the birds will keep you mesmerized.
Birds are plentiful here, and specialist guides will take you to all the birding hot spots on the walking trails and along the river. Spotted high-up in the tall trees and low-down on the forest floor.

What to do


If you’ve forever been dreaming of a Brazilian jungle safari, then Rio Azul Lodge will be a dream come true. Activities in and around the lodge revolve around winding waters and tropical rainforests. 

With all the different habitats, the various trails and boat rides, and your guide’s leadership and expertise, you’ll get to discover all the secrets of the Amazon rainforest, either walking or by boat. 

Boating Safaris

Here you can enjoy daily boating trips along the Azul River. You’ll be lead through small rapids by skilled local boatmen and guides, to show you breathtaking areas and incredible sightings of birds, butterflies, and jungle inhabitants.

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The experience at the lodge doesn’t stop at safaris. There’s a stunning boardwalk you can walk through beautiful forest to get to the river where you’ll find the sun deck. It's a magical spot to enjoy the transparent waters glistening in the afternoon sunshine, and to watch the sun go down with a sunset drink after which you’ll get to enjoy a local delicacy of piranha stew for dinner. 

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The guided walks in and around the lodge along forest trails are a wonderful walking experience. They offer a variety of levels from easy walking to more challenging trails, amongst varying habitats. You’ll get to see the undergrowth come to life right before your eyes. Birds that live under the trees, spiders of all shapes and sizes, butterflies, and monkeys. 

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We are a family-run birdwatching and ecotourism lodge, and the focus of our actions has always been to guarantee the sustainability of tourism on the Rio Azul. 

From the planning studies before we even began to construct the lodge infrastructure, to the careful cutting of our forest trails, to the long-term decision to attend only small groups and individuals, we are aware of the great responsibility that comes with our privileged location.

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Serra do Cachimbo – Pará – Brasil
Estrada Rio Azul, km 30, Gleba São Benedito
Novo Progresso, Pará, Brasil